Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Stage Coach

Kids can be brutally honest, at least honest as they see it.  How many times have you told someone that they really needed to change their clothes because they looked really bad. Or that they smelled bad--or they looked funny since they got a haircut!!

Yeah! me too!!

The time that I have had to ask for forgiveness numerous--no thousands of times is when we got the car.

This was not only the car--it was THE car.

The car looked like a box on wheels. Four doors and straps at each door hanging from the roof. It ran--it didn't spit out smoke---it just was. And brother Phil and I called it the STAGE COACH.

The doors handles were close together so the front doors opened from the middle of the car and so did the back doors. 

It was easy to get in and out. Lots of room to put groceries or boxes onto the back seat. But it looked like a Stage Coach.

The night I remember the most is when we got into the water with the car. I mean WATER over the road somewhere in Los Angeles.. saw a TV report about flooding in downtown LA last spring.  It was the same street.

Any way I remember that we just kept on going. Right through the water and up onto drier ground ( or rather STREET) There really was paved streets when I was a kid.

Cars were floating in the water all around us.  But WE were in high cotton and just kept on trucking.

That was the last time I remember calling her the STAGE COACH!!

Too proud to be able to get out of the flood.

More later, Linda

PS This series has been difficult because it brings back some traumatic experiences. And then some more thoughts come along and I want to blog about those things. And then others pop up. This is so our kids and grandkids can know more about what happened to me as a kid and to the dad and papa.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Sarah's feeling Better

Sarah is 4. And for the last three years she has not played. The last time she saw a cat her major reaction was a slow turn of the head as it walked in front of the house. 

Now this is what's happening

After a search of her toys she got the chicken the squirrel and the BIG chicken. The one she has to drag. 

She had to take a little rest but then she started running around shaking them. Dropped one and ran to another. Jerry was laughing so hard I got tickled just watching him. 

It was a hoot. 

It's so nice to know she feels good enough to play!!

More later, Linda

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Pretty Lady

My dad was always bringing people home and most of the time they were really interesting. One time he bought home this really cute guy. Well, as a presumptuous little girl I took a liking to him.  It must have been pathetic. I don't remember anything but him being nice to me. Robert Shane I thank you for not hurting a little girls early crush on you.

And then there was the pretty lady who came one day to our house. There was a man with her, but something about her drew me to sit by her side. The sadness in her brought me close and kept me there.

We had a house full that day--don't ask me why--but there had to be a house full or she would not have been sitting on the piano seat, but she was. I sat on the floor right next to her.

She was in a suit, a gray suit, I know I thought that the color was not a good one for her.  It brought out all the sadness that was inside her. 

And then I saw it. 

The tattoo on her wrist. 

That series of numbers. She was rubbing them softly. 

I asked--What's that??

My dad came unglued. 

I had done it again. Asked a question when I should have been silent. Typical me. I looked at her with tears in my eyes, and said--sorry. 

She wouldn't let dad punish me. She looked at me and said--some bad men did this to me and a lot of others. And then she patted my cheek and said--don't ever forget. 

How could I forget?? 

The holocaust is the most heinous thing to happen to humanity EVER. 

Don't forget!!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What were you like as a kid?

I am asking because I KNOW what I was.

I was the kid in class that kept everyone laughing. It was my way to get someone to like me. I know that now. I just made funnies when I was a kid because that's what came out of my mouth.

When you go to 29 schools by your senior year in high school, you learn how to be either the braniac or the clown. I was the clown in grade school, but when I got to junior high I became the braniac.

Was it my way to cope?


Did I suffer from this?

Not one bit!!

As a matter of fact, the clown part of me is a good thing right now in my life.

Example---Jerry loves to help clean the kitchen. He puts bottles and leftovers away. He scrubs down the counters. He washes the pots and pans. He cleans off the burners. He does not sweep the floor. But, he DOES put things back into the fridge.

I have been looking for the bottle of BBQ sauce since Saturday. I looked everywhere on the shelves in the fridge. I looked high and low in the cabinets.

I didn't look into the bottom drawer.

Guess where the BBQ sauce was?

In the bottom drawer!!

I laughed!!

It's a clown thing.

More later, Linda

Monday, October 20, 2014

My baby is not a baby anymore!!

Oh no!! Sarah is not a baby anymore. On Saturday she even had some outside time -- by herself. And she ENJOYED it!! 

Today, she Copt a "tude". 

I mean even my kids NEVER did !!
They were always respectful, even when they were mad at me. 

Take a look!


Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I made some pumpkin scones on Saturday.  They were GOOD!! 

Obviously, as there are none left. I asked Jerry if he would eat  more and he said-only if you make them. 

That's a yes!!

Twelve of them disappeared disappeared overnight. I almost thought someone stole some. 

I have some more pumpkin from that can will probably make more tomorrow. I'm thinking - add pecans and chocolate chips.

More later,Linda

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First she's po'd and then she changes her mind

Sarah is full of  surprises. Yesterday we were talking about taking a nap. Now Sarah was asleep in granddad's chair - or so we thought.  We've been busy around here and staying up late and all those things retired people do. And we - meaning me - were a little tired.

I said " I'm taking a nap".

Sarah's head came up from the chair seat.

And she stared at me.

The tone of voice - if she had one - was "What! I'm already sleeping and I'm NOT getting up from this warm place just to go to sleep somewhere else."

Back down went her head and she was asleep in the blink of a rats eye. Do rats blink?? probably!

Anyway, she was NOT getting up -- so we left her in the chair and she had her nap and we had ours.

More later, Linda