Wednesday, January 13, 2016

THE couch

Sarah's Christmas present!!! She finally likes it!! Yay!!!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Heckle,Jeckle,Jack,Cory and Big Daddy

Looked out the kitchen window-there was Heckle,Jeckle,Jack and a big lump out towards the back of the garage. 
A BIG grey lump!!
And then Cory flew in. 
Well, the lump just stayed a lump!!! 
HJJ&C stayed close to each other. Kinda shuffled their feet. But they did NOT get far from each other. 
THEN the lump moved!!!! 
It is a hawk. And he had a brown furry something ON the ground. 
It didn't move. 
See that little dark spot at the back of the garage?  
Not that one!
The lump that's just to the right of the garage, well actually about 2 feet from the garage. 
THATs the HAWK!!
He's gone now and so is the furry lump. 
And HJJ&C left before Bug Daddy, or as most would say, the HAWK!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Friday, January 8, 2016

It's been awhile

I know my blog last time was misunderstood. I'm not worried nor am I upset about our lives right now. I just know God has the whole situation in the palm of his hand. Kinda like when mom died the summer before I was 10. I could see myself sitting on Gids lap. He would just hold on and it was so good to feel Him. So now I feel him put His hand on my shoulder when I get frustrated. It settles me to go again. 
And today I realized that jerry was like a 5 year old a lot of the time. So, and think about this, a five year old will forget, he will get upset, he will want to eat only what he likes. 
And I was once again feeling that comfort that only God can give.
More later

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Well ummm I don't know the word

The post I did today was not clear to my friends so I need to clear up what I said. 

I know that a lot of people who have family members who have this terrible disease are not able to cope with all the things that go on. But My God has given me strength for the day, every day. Without Him I could not be able to just tell Jerry it's my turn to drive. And he accepts it with no problems. I would not be able to do all that has to be done to help him comb his hair, brush his teeth, shave and all those other things. 
God has been so good to me to give me strength I cannot tell you how the days just go by. Peaceful and better than ever. 
Thank you for your concerns. Love to you all


Yes, I know it's the 30th. And that means I'm a little slow BUT. 

It DECEMBER and I'm one year older for the last 3 days����������
For all of us who are born 
In years now and gone
      I say to you all
      It's a very hard call
To really get into the tone

Of all the razzle and dash
That goes with presents and trash
      BUT to all with a birthday
      I just want to say 
Happy Birthday and have a Bash!!!

I figured it out

These last few months I've seen Jerry go from a normal guy to a person who can't remember how to put ice into his glass from the fridge. It's not an easy process to see someone you love go through this but that's the way life is right now. 

And that is why I've not posted much lately. I don't want to come off as depressed. Neither jerry or I are depressed. Well, maybe for a little time. Like when he was talking about his Linda to me not knowing I am that person. Sad. Crying sad. 

And then I realized that was part of the process. And my job is to help him slide into the next phase as contently as possible. 

Our journey is not over so we are going to face it head on and know Who is looking out for us.