Monday, September 22, 2014

Today in our backyard

Today the kids came to visit. 

Of course you can't see them in this picture so I'll just have to tell you about them. 

We have Jack, he's in this picture. Even I can't see him the screen on the window blotted Jack out. 

There are, at times, Jack-he's usually by himself. He's the loner. 
Then we have Heckle and Jeckle. They are ALWAYS together. And then there is Cory. Cory likes the carport. 

Today it is Jack. Alone again and liking it!!

Then the squirrels came. 

Don't ask me where Brother Squirrel is. I can't see him either. But he was busy gathering food. And then when he got to the fence he didn't hesitate. He went right through one of those squares on the chain link fence!! And then straight up the Pecan tree. 

Needless to say we have fun at our house. 

Later, Linda

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Sometimes a person needs a lot of words to explain how they are feeling. 

And then 

Sometimes a picture tells a thousand words!!

More later, Linda

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sarah has had IT!!

I've been getting papers ready for income tax. We had to get an extension. October is in 2 weeks give or take a day or two. 

I have to have it ready by Monday. 

So, of course, I have to spend a lot of time going through papers to make sure that I have all the 1099's I'm supposed to have. 

No time to do anything but cook, wash clothes, and gather papers. 

Sarah has been feeling left out and so has Jerry. 

Today I finished. Tomorrow I will organize. Fixed a good supper, washed some clothes. 

And now Sarah is relaxed. 

 So relaxed her tongue is sticking out. 

Later, Linda

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sarah sleeps

Sarah LOVES to sleep on her back. I've never had a furry person who did that before. 

Most of the time her tongue sticks out a little, but sometimes it sticks out a lot. 
Tonight it doesn't stick out at all. 

I've never seen the feet like this. Her hands are just like they always are. 

And then she woke up!!

Opened her eyes!!

And gave me that disgusted look!!

More later, Linda

Thursday, September 4, 2014

It's hot, but not for long

Do you sweat?  Do you complain about it??  Does that salty water run down from your forehead into your eyes and make them burn and sting?

I envy you!!

Oh YES I do!!

I don't sweat -- well VERY little and that is dangerous. It makes it difficult for me to even walk to the garage sometimes. Now, if the wind is blowing like it is today then I can be out even if it's hotter.

I can't go out and barbeque anything.
I can't work in the flower beds -- so all of our flowers are bulb flowers.
I can't work in a garden. I love to can fresh vegetables for my family.

I like to go to the beach or lake and lay back and listen to the waves as they hit the shore. That can be done even in the winter

So next time you are playing baseball with your kids, or working in the garden - flower or veggie - or you are riding your motorcycle, think how blessed you are that you can do the things yu love to do.

Yes, I am mad. I want to do all those things but it is NOT good for me.

&%$#))**&@ frizzle frazzle!!

Maybe next year.

More later, Linda

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Long years ago when my dad was talking to me he told me how to remember what a bunch of geese is called .  It's a gaggle of geese. Why do I remember things like this.

Well, today we saw a BIG GAGGLE of GEESE going south..

I used to stand on our apartment front porch and watch as the geese would fly north summer and  south for the for the winter. But when I looked up in that sky I knew,KNEW what my dad would say when he told me what to call a bunch of geese.

You can always tell what kind of winter or summer we are going to have by the time of the year that they fly so far.

Today is September 2 --- that's EARLY for geese.

He said -- if the fly south early it means that we are gonna have a harsh winter. He actually used the word HARSH.

The year it snowed in Los Angeles the geese flew way south.

It made a believer out of me.

I had NEVER seen snow in LA before. We got out of school and everything.

Years later, when we lived in Great Yarmouth England, our friend Harold asked where I grew up and I mentioned that I had lived in LA until I was nine.

He said -- I was in LA once. It snowed!! We couldn't go on shore leave. He was in the Navy

I said -- I was there too, I said. They let us out of school!!

He wasn't too happy that I would or could be so much younger than he was.

Even men can be worried about their age. Harold proved that.

OOOPS!! I said SORRY and tried not to bring up anything else like that.

More later, Linda

Friday, August 29, 2014

Giving directions

At some point in your life you have already had to and will have to give directions to someone who is not familiar AT ALL with where you need to go.

I taught our kids how to drive. When they were practicing I would tell them to turn right or left and sometimes, when they were learning, they would turn the wrong way. It didn't matter as we were in the pasture.

Now I'm giving directions to Jerry. And it's like deja vu. We were in Lawton today to go to Sam's. Had a good time there and got some awesome meat products. I had to make a pit stop before we left and Jerry said he would just wait for me. But as we left the building he made the comment that he didn't know where the car was.

You wanta know something?? That's SAD!!

I decided not to think on the negative side and just go with it.

I knew where the car was and so there was no problem.

It just came to me that this attitude is good and bad. Good because I don't harp on his forgetfulness. Nor do I make him feel stupid.

The flip side is if I am not careful I will let those things go too long and let him drive thinking he will know how to get somewhere or even to get back home.

What to do?

I think I will have to just start thinking more about his abilities and if they are safe for him.

More later, Linda