Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sarah says--daddy doesn't feel good

Today we had a guy coming to fix the barb wire fence where one fence attaches to another. But ours was saggy. Of course there's a lot of saggy things around our house these days. After all the house was built in 1955.

So anyway, Jerry thought he would be here about 6.30. We got up at 5 AM. Yeah that's what I thought too. After all it is August so he'd be here early. Right?  Not!!

He got here at 9am. Got through by 10.30. Went home. 

Jerry came in and napped til 12.30, and again after lunch and is ready for bed now. 

He's trying so hard to stay up. It's almost like its a sin to get enough sleep.

And Sarah can feel he's not up to his usual speed. It worries her and she has to get as close to him as possible. So she lays her head on his feet. It does calm him. And I know she is trying to let him know he's gonna be ok. 

More later,Linda

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Popcorn Time

It seemed like the thing to do. Pop some corn. Jerry needs the carbs, sarah and I don't. But, Sarah got her part and then

Wanted more so where did she go??  

Daddy, that's where. 

He was kinda slow getting her some corn. But finally came through. 

So, Jerry's picking his teeth and Sarah??

She's taking a nap. 

Sarah loves her daddy. 

More later, Linda


I know this is difficult for the kids. They don't want to even THINK that their dad is not well. I don't like it either. 

Last night he told me he had to buy me a car. 

We have a car. And a pickup. 

I told him, we have a car and we can share. He looked puzzled. And came back with, well I need to make sure you have those things for the pickup. He meant the keys. 

He was content. 

I was happy. 

More later, Linda

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A subject I have been trying to ignore

My wonderful husband has dementia. He tries so hard to be like he was. He agonizes about what's happening to him. And he has worked himself down to 151 pounds.. You know it's hard enough to watch him deteriorate right before my eyes, but to see him so skinny frightens me.

I just thank God that He has Jerry in His hands because if he didn't Jerry would have gone on a long time ago.

I think you can see that I am still not able to even type the words that are really in my heart. It's not something that I want for anyone I know, this dementia. It takes away the person that you have known for so long and in that place is a person who can't speak, remember, or who can't do for themselves.

Sometimes I shed a few tears, like right now as I type this up. But most of the time the clown in me comes out and we find ourselves laughing at the tiniest things.

Sarah is a big help because she has so many parts to her. That's why I post so much about her.

I also post about her when my heart is aching.

More later, Linda

Sunday, August 10, 2014

This is my day

Today it's HOT!!

Jerry is sleeping. Well he was!! He woke up. Has on his t shirt. So no pic. 

Sarah is sleeping. It's 76 in the house. Or Jerry is too cold. So I keep it 76 or 77. 

And Bella is hiding under my leg. 
Now Jerry is sleeping. He probably didn't sleep much last night either. 

More later, Linda 

What's wrong with this picture??

Sarah went and hid. We've had company since Thursday. Lynn and Keith went to Sturgis and to see the sights. 

For all you who don't know Sturgis is in South Dakota. Close to Deadwood, Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore.  And the big Cycle Rally.
And as you can see it's well attended

So, we are babysitting. 

That's why Sarah went into hiding. 

Because we are taking care of ---

Bella. She is too cute and a bundle of energy--really!!

Sarah on the other hand is not. 

She's exhausted. And is taking it easy today. They are not rowdy today. Just kinda laid back and keeping out of each other's way. 

Yesterday when I put breakfast out Sarah didn't want hers right then. So I took Bella's bowl into the kitchen to clean it. 

When I got back into the living room, Sarah's bowl was empty. 

Bella had seconds yesterday. Sarah didn't have breakfast. 

Today I watched. No seconds for either one. 

More later, Linda 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The new batch are even prettier

Not one but TWO groups of naked ladies!!

Batch one. Pretty!  


I'm just wondering what that means with the weather this winter. 

This year in Oklahoma the weather has been really cool for the most part. 

This time last year the morning temp was closer to 90. 

In 2012 we had 90 days of 120 degrees in a row. 


Glad we had a movie channel on cable. 

We had snow that winter and we had more snow last winter. 

The naked ladies came up last August around the 15th. 

This year the naked ladies came up the middle of July. 

And now a second batch, even prettier, have made an appearance. 


More later, Linda